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The storyline of Backroom

Backroom brings many scary mysteries hidden that you will have to discover the maze yourself. Your mission is to survive until you can find the exit.

There are many versions of the game's plot. There are many interesting storylines that come from rich imaginations. When you started this game, did you think of any plot for this game?

The game creates a dark and damp room. All the rooms are the same and randomly arranged. So, they create a scary maze. You will wake up in this scary maze. Dark rooms will scare you.

In addition, when uncovering the secret of the room, you will see scary ghosts. Many theories suggest that it is Siren Head. However, no one has been able to see these menacing shadows yet. They only appear for a few seconds. You can't seem to see them clearly. However, its jumpscare makes you afraid.

There is a piece of advice that this game is not recommended for the faint of heart. Although jumpscare levels are nothing new in the horror game genre, the game still makes you scared, even though you know what is about to happen to you. The image of the game has nostalgic colors about the 90s, recalling many childhood memories. The movement of details in the game is very delicate. They seem to understand your steps. Geometry Dash Meltdown can help you calm down after the scares. You can participate in it after finishing your task.

Enjoy some game modes in the Backroom

Classic mode

Although this is the simplest of the three modes, it will bring you many unexpected emotions. You can choose one of three difficulty levels including Easy, Medium, and Hard. You can choose the right mode to start your exploration. If you are a newbie, you should make a smart choice for yourself. Most of the time, ghost appearances will be less than others, which helps you get used to the rhythm of the game.

Deaf mode

This mode also has the same three difficulty levels as the previous mode. This mode will limit the obsession with the lights on and off. They will be radio hums. You will get used to these scary sounds as you play the game many times.

Free mode

The final mode will not have any difficulty levels. You will explore this dark room freely. You can comfortably control your character through the yellow rooms. You will find many interesting things.