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Slope 3


Roll the ball in this game

Slope 3 is the third version of the Slope game series. Your mission is to steer a ball on a special road. Many dangerous barriers appear on the way.

The road in this game is made up of many blocks with different colors. Cleverly control the ball so that it does not hit the designed obstacles on the way. This game is suitable for all ages. Just move and control on time and accurately.

How to play Slope 3

This game has a simple rule. You just need to move the ball in the middle of the road to keep it safe. There is no destination, so you have to score as many points as possible. The speed gameplay of this game may remind you of Geometry Dash Meltdown where you control a cube instead of a ball.

Keep the ball safe

Your ball is very fragile and it can be broken by the pink blocks. Therefore, let's keep the ball away from these blocks anyway. Moreover, there are some narrow roads and the ball can easily fall down in space. It's time to keep the ball balanced. When the ball is about to fall into space, you need to quickly coordinate left and right moves to put it in the middle of the road.

Be top on the leaderboard

This game has the leaderboard which shows the top players. If you record a high score, your name can appear here. Moreover, the leaderboard also devices the top players into day, month, and all time. Of course, the top players of all time are the best gamers. Can you get this achievement?

Game control: The left and right arrows will be used in case you want the ball to go left or right. Don't forget to enter your username before entering the Slope 3 game.