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Run 3


Run in the galaxy

Run 3 is about an adventure of a strange alien in a large universe. It runs and runs until hit the obstacles on the way. Let's help it avoid the dangers.

Are you curious about the universe where there are thousands of these twinkling stars? This game will take you to outer space. You will play the role of an alien and will have to control it to experience this game. Don't let it hit an obstacle or fall into the void. These will make you have to start the level again.

Choose one of two main modes in Run 3

This game has 2 main levels including Adventure and Infinite modes. These two modes will bring you different features. Although, these two modes have the same maps. However, in my opinion, Adventure mode will be easier to conquer than Infinite mode. Let's find out why.

Adventure mode

In this mode, the exploration will be divided into several levels. You just go to the end of a path, you can pass a level. With this mode, you can start over a level if your character crashes on that level. To put it simply, in this mode you can continue your journey without fear of having an accident and having to start over.

Infinite mode

This is a mode where you only stop when the character is dropped into space. The further you run, the more points you get. However, if your character falls into gaps, you will have to return to the starting line. This feature makes this mode more difficult than the Adventure mode.

Unlock different characters

Not only can you control the aliens, but you can also unlock many other characters. It can be an adorable chick. Also, maybe some players don't know yet. You can customize the skins of the characters. Please click on the characters to change their skins. Skins will be available but you need to pass a certain level to unlock the character. You can also experience many interesting characters in the game Geometry Dash Adrift.