Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite belongs to the popular Geometry Dash series. You must help a cube reach its destination without colliding with any dangerous obstacles.

This game has the same developer as the original Geometry Dash version, so many classic features will be retained. Unlike fan-made versions with a lot of creativity, you will enjoy unique features that only RobTop Games can create. Along with professionalism and creativity, RobTop Games will bring you the game on many different levels. The difficulty is gradually raised so that you warm up from the first levels. This game will provide enough difficulty and easy levels to suit all players.

Differences between the fanmade version and Geometry Dash Lite

Perhaps you've tried the fanmade versions and can't deny their fascinating creation. With eye-catching graphics, these versions are loved by many players. You can see lots of lights or unique backgrounds like bloodbaths, asteroids, ice caves, etc. These bright backgrounds with neon colors make players unable to take their eyes off. However, the developers of the original did not design vibrant backgrounds for this Lite installment. When entering this game, you will see that the background is very simple because it has no gorgeous scenery. There are only colored squares in the background. This is probably also a special point of the versions from RobTop Games. In addition, the obstacles are also designed to be the most minimalist. Instead of flashing effects or designing them with neon colors, this game offers platforms and obstacles with the most basic color. This helps you to be more focused on your journey. In addition, you will also find this game has more levels than the fanmade versions. There are fan made games with only one level. With many levels, players want to conquer more.

Geometry Dash Lite gameplay

I have experienced this game, it took me a lot of time to beat all 15 levels in this game. So I'm here to guide you on what to do to pass the level. If you are a newbie, it is best to follow the below steps. Of course, easier said than done. Good luck!

Stay away from any danger

No road is always smooth and the roads leading to the destination will contain more and more difficulties. Thousands of traps were set up along the way. You only need to lose your attention for a second, you will be the loser. Sharp spikes appear at the beginning of levels and through all roads. They look harmless but your cube can be destroyed when touching them. Their frequency of occurrence increases as you travel a long distance. To avoid destruction, jump over them without touching them. Spikes are not the only obstacle. You also see a lot of spinning saws. Looking at the sharp saw blades also makes my hands tremble. Just like spikes, these saw blades are also incredibly dangerous. It's still about avoiding them to be on the safe side. You will not have guns or cannons to destroy the obstacles on the way. So jumping over them is a bad choice.

Grab the coins

Do you think just stay away from the obstacles? In fact, if you don't have good control, you should go to the end of the road without collecting coins. However, if you want to increase the difficulty of the game and challenge yourself with more challenges, grab the coins as your official duty. Although you can still complete the level without the coins. They will always appear in hard-to-reach places. Therefore, you need to observe the situation very carefully. Determining the location of the coin is the first thing to do. Next, estimate your position and come up with a perfect plan to get the coin. You only have one to two seconds to plan. Do you believe it? It's the truth. Each level will have 3 coins and they will be put into mini-stages in levels. The harder the levels, the harder the coins are to get. If you are just starting out, you can choose not to take coins. This all depends on you.

The different forms of geometry in Geometry Dash Lite

At the beginning of each level, your geometry will be a cube. It can slide on roads and jump over obstacles. However, this is not the only form of this geometry. It can even fly while flying a UFO. Do you wonder how it can be transformed? Does this make it difficult for you? In fact, geometry can transform the form after it passes through the portal. This definitely has a big impact on players as they have to react very quickly to keep up with the geometry mode.

Slide on the way

The cube shape is the most classic form of geometry. It has no legs so it can only slide on the path. However, its sliding speed is extremely fast. Although it has no legs, the cube can still jump on platforms. It can jump a certain height. When facing a great distance, it will need the help of springs or pegs along the way. Springs can bounce the character higher and further. However, you should not always jump on these springs. There are springs that will fool you and cause the geometry to hit the spikes above them. As for pegs, you can use them as a block to jump on.

Fly in the air

This is the second form of geometry. It will become a UFO that can levitate in the air. However, this UFO only flies if you click the mouse continuously. Your UFO will crash if you stop. In fact, UFOs can move on platforms. However, if it falls into platformless lands or hits spikes, the UFO will be destroyed instantly. Flying high can cause the UFO to hit obstacles in the ceiling. If it falls on the ground, the spikes can destroy it. Therefore, you need to use a force just enough to be able to keep the UFO in the air. Sometimes, you also need to avoid some blocks placed in the air.

Geometry Dash Lite's difficulty

This game has a total of 10 levels. Each level will have different pitfalls and difficulties. However, the goal at each level is the same. You need to pass the mini-stages at each level to reach the finish line. When you go through a portal, you have passed a mini stage. The levels in this game will be sorted by their difficulty. If you've played other Geometry Dash games, you know the level difficulties. The levels in this game are divided into six different groups according to their difficulty. Those six groups are Easy levels, Normal levels, Hard levels, Harder Levels, Insane levels, and Easy Demon levels. I will give the following list of levels grouped:

Some outstanding levels in this game

The levels of the game have been divided into groups with different difficulties. Here, I will introduce some outstanding levels of Geometry Dash Lite in the above groups. You will see their differences and understand why their difficulty increases.

Stereo Madness

This is the first level and is also suitable for new players. The speed of the cube is quite slow and the obstacles are also sparse. Many pro players don't like this level because it's too easy. This level is only for people to activate their fingers.


The obstacles are more. There are more springs and pegs. Not only do you jump on blocks anymore, but you also have to use springs and pegs to jump higher and farther. Pay attention to jumping with the right springs!


The speed of the cube has improved significantly at this level. The spikes appear with long sequences and the platforms are also much smaller. In addition, the geometry in the level can also be changed by gravity. It will no longer move on the ground but on the ceiling. This will be very difficult if you don't practice a lot.


In this mode, you have to jump and control the character continuously and quickly. The terrain at this level is extremely difficult because it will make you move up and down constantly. In addition, this mode has more gears.


The main obstacle in this mode is the spinning saw wheels. You will be lost in a factory with thousands of dangers. Background details are added to distract you. The speed in this mode is the fastest so you don't have time to observe. You can only move where you can avoid obstacles there.

Game mode selection

To meet every player's needs, this game is added two modes: Normal and Practice modes. These two modes will not have different maps. What makes them two different modes in Geometry Dash Lite? Now I will explain this.

Normal mode

This is the official mode for every player. Because it is an official race, you will only have one life to go from the starting point to the endpoint. The distance to reach the destination will not be short. You only need to hit an obstacle once, you will be sent back to the starting point immediately. This game will tell you your number of attempts on the screen. Be careful with your every movement. Even when you're close to the finish line, you'll still have to restart the level with a deadly touch. This mode will be suitable for players who are more familiar with the operation.

Practice mode

Although this mode has the same maps and levels, it is easier than Normal modes. What makes it different are the green gems. These gems help you replay the point where the geometry has just been destroyed. Instead of starting the level again, you can continue your path. These gems function as checkpoints. From there, you will have many opportunities to research and plan the perfect way to overcome bumpy roads.

What you can find in the main menu of this game

To cater to the needs of players, this game offers several options in the main menu. You can change the skins of the geometry, adjust the moisture content or view your information.

Choose your favorite skins

You just need to click on the geometry icon in the main menu, you will see a lot of skins appear but you don't have to pay any money to use them. Skins for cubes, robots or UFOs are available. In the store there are many options for you to choose. Moreover, you can also change the colors of these themes. Please choose your favorite color!

Adjust the volume

Can you turn off the sound of this game? Volume up or turn volume down bar is possible. I recommend you to play while listening to music because the music of this game is very exciting. You can control the character to the rhythm of the music.


The achievements you complete will be displayed here.. You can see total jumps, total attempts, and collected stars, etc. This dashboard is about achievements that you can show off to your friends. Have fun!

Game control

Click the left mouse button to jump the cube and to keep the UFO flying in the air. You can enjoy this game on mobile device or PC.