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How to build the best ZooCraft

ZooCraft allows you to build a fantastic zoo. Before building the zoo, you have to tame the required animals to complete tasks and get money.

Tame the required animals

Building the zoo is your main job in this game. To build a zoo, you need to tame cute animals such as pigs, dogs, dairy cows, lions, etc. There are many different types of animals. However, each level will require you to tame different animals. The goal and number of animals at the levels are also not the same. You need to complete your mission. You need to approach the animals and take your time to tame them. Once they like you, you can take them back to your zoo. Please complete this mission quickly to get a lot of money.

Expand the areas

After you have tamed the required animals, you can earn a lot of money. You need to accumulate them to be able to expand your zoo. There are many areas waiting for you. You can have more animals if your zoo has more cages. Each area will have different terrain and scenery. So you can raise more different types of animals. You will own a zoo with a variety of animals. Like Geometry Dash Flappy UFO, you can control your character by using the left mouse button. Hold and drag the left mouse button to navigate your character.

Some power-ups in ZooCraft

Power and Health

If you have a lot of money, you can also use the power-ups in the shop. You can upgrade your character first. If you choose to upgrade your character's power and Health, he can go faster. The time to tame the animals is also reduced. You will save a lot of time building a zoo.


High levels require you to tame a lot of animals. Your job is overloaded. Therefore, you can hire some tamers who can help you complete the targets. You need to use your money to hire someone.


If you have multiple ropes, you can tame multiple animals at once. You can tame three or five different animals at the same time. If they stand close to each other, you can complete the task faster. So, let's add more ropes now.