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Time Shooter


Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Time Shooter, an FPS game where time bends to your will. In this action-packed adventure, time only moves when you move, giving you the power to strategize, dodge bullets, and eliminate enemies with precision. 

Main features of the game

Experience the thrill of slow motion

When you stand still, the world around you slows down to almost a standstill. This unique effect gives you plenty of time to assess the situation, plan your next move, and execute your strategy.

Dodge Bullet Storms with ease

As bullets fly towards you, take advantage of the game's slow motion to dodge even the most ferocious volleys with ease. Time your moves carefully and weave through the hail of bullets, escaping unscathed.

Eliminate enemies with precision surgery

With new time control abilities, aim and destroy your enemies with absolute precision. Time your shots strategically. Rest assured that no enemy will escape your wrath.

Embark on an epic adventure

Time Shooting offers an exciting single-player campaign full of challenging levels and intense action. Test your skills and conquer the game's unique challenges, mastering the art of time manipulation to win.

How to control

  • Master the intuitive controls of Time Shooter and dominate the battlefield:
  • WASD: Move your character quickly and accurately.
  • Left click: Unleash a hail of bullets or pick up weapons to upgrade your arsenal.
  • Right click: Remove your current weapon, making room for a new weapon.
  • F: Quickly grab nearby weapons to adapt to the changing battlefield situation.

Unleash your inner time warrior

Prepare to enter a world where time is your ally and bullets don't stand a chance against your strategic prowess. Time shooter challenges you to think quickly, act decisively and become the ultimate master of time.