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Moto X3M 4 Winter


Take on winter challenges on the Moto X3M 4

Moto X3M 4: Winter will deliver an exhilarating experience as you traverse icy roads in the cold winter, showing off your exceptional motorbike driving skills through countless challenging levels. While casual motorcyclists may enjoy the safety of regular roads, the real thrill lies in traveling on dangerous roads. Put on your helmet and prepare to brave the dangers, aiming to complete the game unscathed and assert your strength.

The excitement of winter celebration: The frozen town beckons

While preparing for the winter celebration in town, you emerge as the top entertainment for the eager residents. As snow-covered rooftops and decorated roads set the stage for you, a series of challenging roads await you. Take control of your motorbike, captivate the audience with daring stunts. Your main goal? Conquer each level with speed and skill, striving for all three stars. While performing such gravity-defying stunts can be a difficult task in reality, the Moto X3M 4 makes it look easy. Use the arrow keys to control, with the up and down keys to control acceleration and braking. Meanwhile, the left and right arrow keys allow you to perform somersaults and keep your balance in the air. After completing each level, your speed will determine the number of stars earned, unlocking gates to two additional vehicles. Pay attention to the on-screen clock, keep track of the time you spend on each level and aim for victory.

Feature of game

  • Three separate motorcycles that you may utilize and unlock
  • 25 challenging levels to complete
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay

Control game

Use arrowkey to control your bike