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Moto Boss


Moto Boss is an exciting 3D racing game that will let you enjoy the thrill of speed and challenge your motorbike mastery.

About game Moto Boss

Dangerous roads

Forget about flat roads because, in Moto Boss, you must overcome a series of challenging roads, each with sharp turns, steep slopes and unexpected obstacles. Prove your fearless determination and precise control when driving your motorbike through these dangerous roads.

Guide play

When you start the game, your character automatically moves forward. Your task is to control the motorbike through bends or turns, avoiding falling into the abyss. Use the left mouse button or SPACE KEY to control your steed.

Collect coins and unlock rewards.

Scattered on the paths are valuable coins that you should collect as you go. Your cash will unlock skills, including ten new cars and 20 unique clothes.

Feature of game

  • Immerse yourself in vivid 3D graphics
  • Enjoy intuitive and responsive controls
  • Experience the thrill of challenging and addictive gameplay

How to control

Use a mouse or SPACE BAR to navigate your motorbike precisely.