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Moto X3M: Pool Party


Information about game

Moto X3M: Pool Party will awaken the recklessness in you. Buckle up, don your biker's suit, and get ready for a pool party like no other. As you rev your engine, brace yourself for a high-stakes ride through treacherous loops and perilous tracks, all with the singular goal of reaching the finish line unscathed. With the crowd's cheers echoing and the sun beaming down from above, the spotlight is now squarely on you!

Moto X3M: Pool Party offers an adrenaline-pumping bike trial experience, challenging you to navigate a pulse-pounding racing track riddled with deadly obstacles and jaw-dropping stunts. If you're seeking a run-of-the-mill motocross race, you're in the wrong place. This race is a rollercoaster of surprises designed to keep you on your toes. Expect explosives, spikes, harrowing drops, and a host of other hazards that await your arrival—a fearless biker poised to conquer them all. If you possess the mettle to conquer 22 levels brimming with such formidable obstacles, then rev those engines and secure your helmet. The primary objective for each level is to conquer the race track without succumbing to the challenges it presents. Moto X3M: Pool Party liberally sprinkles deadly traps throughout its courses, demanding your utmost caution. Maintain your momentum to ascend the steepest inclines, and when airborne, seize the opportunity to execute awe-inspiring stunts, racking up valuable bonus points in the process. Concerned about your biker's appearance? You have the freedom to choose from three distinct bikers, each equally skilled in the art of biking. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal aesthetics, for the excited crowd is merely there to witness your gravity-defying flips and lightning-fast jumps. Demonstrate your supremacy as the world's most adept biker, effortlessly executing each stunt with unrivaled finesse.


  • 22 action-packed levels
  • Pool-themed level designs
  • Three biker options
  • Perform amazing stunt.


Use the WASD keys to control the bike