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Seterra is a game that will take you into the world of geographical exploration through questions placed on the map. With thousands of puzzles spread across territories and countries around the globe. This game will bring you more useful information that you have never known.

About Seterra online

Launched by GeoGuessr in 2016, Seterra brings with it exciting gameplay and diverse puzzles that have attracted thousands of players worldwide.

Choose your adventure

Choose your preferred region or country from countless options. Improve your geography skills in your native language or explore over 40 alternative language options.

More than Maps

Go beyond borders and test your knowledge of flags, lakes, islands, cities and landmarks. This variety ensures a fresh and exciting experience every time you play.

Simple yet engaging

Intuitive controls, including a helpful golden cat tutorial, make Seterra accessible for all ages and skill levels. However, don't underestimate its depth!

Iconic graphics

Minimalist design, featuring a memorable yellow cat navigating the world, leaves a lasting impression without being visually overwhelming.

Dig deeper with Maps

World of Choices

Seterra Maps includes many different regions and countries, each offering countless puzzle maps to explore.

Famous locations

Embark on quizzes including the United States, North and Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Explore in detail

Dive deeper into specific countries or regions within each continent, like individual countries in South America or the diverse landscapes of Southeast Asia.

Beyond Borders

Challenge yourself with world map quizzes covering diverse topics, from OECD member countries to smallest countries by region.

Projects for Every Interest

  • Themed Explorations: Seterra Projects focus on specific areas and offer unique quizzes tailored to their themes.
  • Unveiling Europe: Explore European countries, capitals, and landmarks in various languages with projects like "Countries of Europe Map Quiz" and its Spanish counterpart.
  • Anatomy Science: Go beyond geography with quizzes on the human body, including organs, bones, and even the brain!
  • The Crown Jewel: The US States Map Quiz with 50 States stands as the most popular project. Test your knowledge and learn more about each state's location.