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Geometry Nemesis


Perform two missions in Geometry Nemesis

Geometry Nemesis is a shooting game combined with perfect racing. Make an effort to go as far as possible while clearing the obstacles on the track.

Shoot down many robots

Your first task in this game is to face the robots. They are bigger than your character. However, you do not need to be too scared or worry about them. You are allowed to use weapons to defeat them. Your character is equipped with an advanced gun. Aim properly and shoot them down. You need to remove them from the track before your character lunges at them. Any collision will cause your character to lose his life. You need to try. Shoot the robots fast to expand the race track. Then, you can go further.

Clean up spikes to slide

Your second task is to remove the spikes. Like Geometry Dash Schade, the spikes threaten your character's life. However, you cannot control your character to jump. So, it is best if you can remove all of them. Use your gun to break all the spikes on the track. You will go further and get more points. They also require you to shoot quickly and accurately to avoid collisions. Good luck!

The shop of Geometry Nemesis

The characters

There are many types of square characters in the game. They come in many eye-catching colors. The squares are also very nicely decorated. You can choose any character in the shop to start the game. They do not require you to complete any quests, so you can use all of them.

The guns

After each race, you will get many gold coins. You need to accumulate them to buy cutting-edge guns. They will help you clear the track faster. You can conquer the longest distance if you own the best gun. The price of the guns is also quite high. Try to accumulate many coins.