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Geometry Dash Schade


Geometry Dash Schade improves your control skills with many reflex challenges. You must navigate a character from many traps which are set up in the way.

Do you love speed games? Without having to drive a car or motorbike, you will have the opportunity to control a little cube. It can transform into a UFO. This is very interesting, isn't it? This game with eye-catching graphics and simple gameplay, kids can also play it during their break. Let me also learn more about this running game.

Live sound and impressive graphics

Although there are no realistic 3D images, the graphics of this game are still quite appreciated. The objects in this game are designed with vibrant neon colors. Sometimes, this neon color will open up your main character. At this point, you have to be extremely careful. Besides, the vibrant sound also cheers the player to the finish line. If you don't like the music of this game, you can also turn off the sound. However, according to the advice of professional gamers, you should turn on the sound when playing games. Thus, you can have the best game experience.

What skills and qualities are needed to conquer Geometry Dash Schade

You think the game is easy. You will have a different view after experiencing this game for yourself. It will only be easy in the first few seconds. Then you even make mistakes repeatedly or can't get through a certain section of the road. To be able to conquer this game, you need a few things.


Most games require agility and accuracy, especially running games. Your character will run automatically. It can only move forward without being able to dodge obstacles. So you need to help it do this. As soon as your character approaches the obstacles, left click to jump over them. Let's jump at the right time! Jumping too far or too close from obstacles causes the character to crash into them.


This game is rated as Demon level which is the hardest level. So, when you want to conquer difficult things, you need patience. You may fail hundreds of times in this game but failure teaches success. I believe you can clear this game after many trials. Are you patient enough to complete this?

The goal of the game

Keep in your mind that you must reach the destination. The journey will be very difficult. As long as you are determined, you can do it. This game is also a great way to prove your abilities to your friends. They will admire you when you can pass the Geometry Dash Schade. You can also share this game with your friends to challenge each other. Who will be the first to finish the journey? I'm curious about that result. Besides this game, I want to introduce more levels in Geometry Dash Lite! In that game, you also have the same goal as in this game. However, you can experience many levels like easy, normal, hard, demon, etc in that game. Hope you will like all these games.