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Geometry Neon Dash 2


Some challenging missions of Geometry Neon Dash 2

Dodge many obstacles

Geometry Neon Dash 2 is an entertaining running game where you can enjoy an exciting track. If you want to unlock characters, you need to collect many stars.

Welcome to this exciting running game. Geometry Dash is one of the most famous series because of its unique gameplay. You will continue to control your square character to win the game. What games of this series do you already know? If you do not know about this game, the information below will help you.

Your first mission is quite similar to that of Geometry Dash Lava Temple. You must dodge dangerous obstacles and overcome them by jumping over them. With intense concentration, you can overcome many obstacles and go further. What is the furthest distance you can go?

Collect stars

Your second mission is also very attractive. You will see a lot of stars on the track. It is said that they are a well-deserved reward for your efforts, which can motivate you. You can collect them. When collecting stars, you need to be careful not to collide with the obstacles on the track. If you accumulate all stars, you can exchange other characters.

The highlights of Geometry Neon Dash 2

20 characters

The game offers up to 20 characters. They are squares with different colors and images. Each character has a charm. You need 50 stars to exchange for a character. If you want to have all 20 characters, you have to collect more stars. You can open them one by one. Experience the novelty of new characters.

The endless track with increasing difficulty

Unlimited tracks let you go as far as possible. Depending on your ability, you can conquer great distances. The further you go, the more obstacles. They create more traps. If you are a master, do not ignore this game. Join and experience it.