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Geometry Dash Lava Temple


Geometry Dash Lava Temple was developed by Michigun. It is a Demon level, so you will face many dangers in this game. Don't touch the hot lava!

When coming to this game, you will find yourself appearing in a place surrounded by lava. Lava flows brighten a dark place. They can destroy anything including your character. Lava isn't the only danger you face in this game. There are many new things waiting for you to discover.

How to complete the Geometry Dash Lava Temple level

You will get 10 stars after completing this level. It is rated as a Demon level with a difficulty that makes many players want to give up. Obstacles appear constantly making you unable to react. You need to practice a lot to be able to conquer this game

Keeping geometry safe

To get to the end, your character must be unscathed. It is very fragile because any obstacle can destroy it. Therefore, you must prioritize its safety first. Stay away from anything that can hurt your character. The surrounding lava flows, sharp spikes are your enemies. They wait for you to trap you to destroy your geometry. Let's jump too or avoid them when moving. With geometry's insane speed, you have to maneuver it fast and accurately.

Jump on pegs or springs

Your character will not be able to jump too far or too high. Therefore, on the way, you can see a lot of colorful dots. They are pegs that act as a platform. They will help keep your ring from falling into the lava below. If you've ever played Geometry Dash Lite, you probably know the use of springs. They will bounce your character very high and far.

Explore lava temple in this game

This game is lava-themed, so you'll see orange lava flows everywhere along the way. The obstacles and platforms are all designed in black to highlight the lava flows. They will be under the masonry or on the ceiling. This is also one of the very unique backgrounds of this game. Prepare yourself with control skills and agility to pass this game.

Challenges that you have to solve in Geometry Dash Lava Temple

  • In other levels, the character's speed will increase gradually through stages. However, everything will change in this game. The character's speed will change based on the arrows on the way. Arrow types include acceleration arrows and deceleration arrows. The speeding arrows will increase the character's movement speed. For example, if there are 2 deceleration arrows close to each other, the character will move 2 times faster. If going through 3 deceleration arrows close to each other, the character will move 3 times slower than the previous speed.
  • The path in this game has both ground and ceiling obstacles. They will turn the road into a pipe where you can only move the character very skillfully on the ground or in the air.
  • You only can move from the start point to the end point within one attempt. If your character hits any obstacles, you must restart the game.