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Geometry Dash Super Cycles


Geometry Dash Super Cycles will bring you a very special running game. You will have to constantly solve dangerous situations while moving in this game.

Are you confident with your control ability? You should immediately try this game to test your ability. This version is harder than the previous Geometry Dash games I've played. Up to now, I have not completed 100% of the road. Can you do this? Many players feel dizzy with the speed of the character in this game. Clicking speed is the key to your victory.

Challenging with Easy Demon level

This game spawns one of the Demon levels of the Geometry Dash series. Of course, it's not the hardest of the Demon's levels. And honestly, very few people can play this level. In Geometry Dash Lite, you will go a long way through the portal. In this game, portals are placed very close to each other. Even some portals are placed consecutively. As you know, after going through portals, your character will change its form. That means it will change state continuously when it has to go beyond these space gates. Are you ready for the challenges ahead? Invite more of your friends to enjoy this exciting game.

A few notes when playing Geometry Dash Super Cycles

This game is very difficult so many professional players give a few notes for new players. In the following, I will list these notes. They will help you understand how to win.

Choose the right path

When you have played to Demon level, you probably know the tricks in this game. You don't have time to think through the steps carefully. You only have 1 second to decide on making the next jump. Therefore, you will easily be deceived by dangerous traps. Remember that not every road can get you to your destination. Sometimes it will put you in a corner that is surrounded by spikes. In addition, the springs placed on the side of the road can also trick you. They will bounce your geometry high to hit the spikes. There will be no tips to help you choose the right path. You can only experience it for yourself to understand the correct terrain and roads.

Be quick and exact

The speed of the character is extremely fast. It will continuously approach the obstacles. If you don't help it jump, it will run into these dangers. With short jumps, you have to adjust the timing and force to jump. If you jump too early or too late, you can put your character in danger. To be able to be both fast and accurate in each dance step, you need to practice a lot. From there, you will have quick reflexes when encountering obstacles. In addition, you will also know the terrain after many tries.

Game control

You can play this game on mobile devices or desktops. If you play on mobile, you just need to tap on the screen to play. If you play on the PC, let's click the left mouse to jump and fly. Just play this game online on our website. Enjoy Geometry Dash Super Cycles now!