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Geometry Jump 2


Geometry Dash 2 gives you a tough challenge? Can you get over it? Try your best and develop your talent, we believe you can do it!

The breathtaking features and difficult pace of racing on this entertaining platform will leave you wanting more! There are fifteen distinct geometric obstacles waiting for you to explore. However, you can check out the game's skins store and personalize your athlete by watching a brief ad before entering the platform! Now you can start testing your boundaries! To try a simple task, start with the first mode. While each level includes unique gameplay elements, they all encourage you to keep trying and approach these obstacles from different angles. While certain game modes require you to avoid them, others use yellow jumping boosters to improve your jumps. Fix these patterns to develop your strategy for every stage! Learn how to dance with these races by learning the steps, developing your reflexes and practicing! You'll eventually master all fifteen modes if you keep trying!


  • Minimalistic geometrical theme
  • Bright neon colors
  • Fifteen challenging modes
  • Unlockable skins at the game shop
  • Available on mobile

Control the game

Use your mouse or space bar to play this game