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Soccer Dash


Soccer Dash is more than just soccer; it's about mastering the art of trajectory and timing. Get ready to immerse yourself an engaging casual soccer game that puts you in control of the ball. Navigate through a series of courses full of obstacles, evade defenders and use your aiming skills to reach the goal. 

Description of game

Discover your inner soccer genius

Carefully plan your route, considering the location of obstacles and the movements of opposing players. As you prepare to hit the ball, the game switches to slow motion, allowing you to meticulously calculate your shot and ensure it lands exactly where you intended.

A visual feast for football fans

Soccer Dash brings the world of soccer to life with vibrant and engaging visuals. The game features cool slow-motion effects that highlight the intensity of each kick. At the same time, fun and creative animations add a sense of whimsy to the gameplay.

Main function

  • Unleash your soccer skills and overcome challenging courses
  • Use your ingenuity to overcome obstacles and outwit your opponents
  • Experience the thrill of slow-motion scenes and enjoy the game's exciting animations

Availability and compatibility

Soccer Dash was released by Mirra Games in February 2023 and is available for free on web browsers, making it accessible to players on both desktop and mobile devices. The game's final update was on March 27, 2023, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.


To control the ball in Soccer Dash, you must drag the left mouse button to aim and release the button to kick the ball. Master your goals and timing to conquer challenges and win.