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Geometry Dash Clutterfunk


What is Geometry Dash Clutterfunk

The gameplay

Geometry Dash Clutterfunk was released to create an extremely unique playing space. It is best if you can obtain the highest scores while running further.

You will easily master the gameplay of this game if you have ever participated in Geometry Dash Adrift. The game gives you a new playing space with a variety of obstacles. Especially the dangerous obstacles arranged on the track. You may fall or lose your life. Every mistake costs you dearly. Your character will lose his life instantly. However, it is not really that bad. You can probably learn many lessons after each of your mistakes.

If you love the games of this series, you should join the game. You can also find many other special versions. They are available on this website.

Control to get high scores

You still use the left mouse button to control the square. You need to click the left mouse button right time to pass over the hazardous obstacles. If you jump too soon, you may fall into a trap. If you jump over slowly, spikes or blocks will take your life. You should prepare well to be able to conquer this game

Some features of Geometry Dash Clutterfunk

The saw-blade

The saw-blade is the new obstacle in this game. It appears as the main obstacle. They are large in size, so you are put at high risk. You must have a special strategy to conquer them unless you will lose. You can refer to other versions.

The secret coins

When running on the track, you will have the opportunity to collect gold coins. Gold coins only appear when you reach 31% or 65% of the track. If you can't reach this level, you can't collect them. So your task is to collect all the gold coins in it. Good luck!