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Geometry Dash Adrift


Geometry Dash Adrift takes you to a dark world and you find a way to escape. The exit portal is at the end of the road, so you need to reach that by all means.

This game is a level of the Geometry Dash series and is created by tamaN. The main color of this game is a dark color that represents fear. You are lost in this world and you need to go to the end of the road to get out of here. This road is full of dangers and has difficult terrain. How many attempts can you make to complete this stage? To go from the beginning to the end, you only need about 2 minutes. Try your best!

Belong to the normal level

The levels of Geometry Dash are always divided according to their difficulty levels. The hardest are the levels of the Demon level and the easiest is the Easy level. However, this game does not belong to the two groups of levels above. It is rated as a normal level and you will get 3 stars after completing this level. For professional players, Geometry Dash Adrift is not too difficult. There won't be too many obstacles at this level. Occasionally, you will see some saw blades or spikes. What makes this level difficult is the special terrain. The blocks are far apart and set up in different locations. Therefore, you can hardly react to these terrain changes. The speed of geometry is also not too fast. It even slows down after going through the deceleration arrow.

The main stages in Geometry Dash Adrift

This level can contain many different stages. Every time the geometry passes through a portal, it changes to a different form. This is also each stage in this level. Just by completing these stages, you can reach the destination. As long as your geometry is destroyed anywhere, you will start this game again.

Slide, run and jump

These are pretty basic stages of the game Geometry Dash. In these stages, your character is a cube or circle that can slide on all the way. Sometimes, it will also transform into robots. Instead of sliding, the robot will run with its short legs. Both robot, cube or circle overcome obstacles by jumping. Their jump heights are the same. At this level, you won't need to jump on the springs because the platforms are always within reach of the geometry. As a cube, you can change the weight to avoid obstacles on the ground.

Fly fast

These fly stages are quite difficult because you need to balance the geometry. It can fly UFOs or transform into jets. If geometry were to fly the UFO, it would need to keep it airborne. Otherwise, the UFO will crash there. However, you also must not control too high to avoid hitting obstacles in the air.

Game control

You only need to click the left mouse button to play this game. This game has the simple control as the game Geometry Dash Lite. You can challenge yourself with many levels of that game.