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The intense playing field in Yohoho.io

The enemies in the game

You can become a superhero in Yohoho.io if you can beat others. You have to navigate your character to defeat your enemies and gather many gold coins.

Your dream of becoming a superhero will come true if you join this game. The game brings extremely fiery matches. It requires you to use your skills and qualifications to defeat other opponents. They are other online players. You will all be randomly placed in the same match. The opponents will be divided into many different levels. The higher the level, the larger the character's size. You will start controlling the character with the smallest size. If you want to level up your character, you need to fight and defeat other opponents on the playing field.

The prohibited areas

While facing opponents on the playing field, you need to pay attention to the red areas. You are not allowed to stand in this area for too long or you will lose. These red areas can also be used to eliminate rivals. You can corner them into this area. As a result, you can eliminate some rivals from the playing field.

How to get coins in Yohoho.io

Destroy all enemies

Gold coins appear on your way. However, this amount of gold coins is not much. They cannot help you level up your character. If you want to have more gold coins, you need to beat other opponents. It is best if you can destroy a rival of the same size as you. You should avoid opponents who are bigger than you because they easily defeat you. You need to level up before killing them. After you kill an opponent, your character's size will increase. As a result, you can beat a lot of bigger enemies. If you want to train your skills, you also can join Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro to learn about the traps.

Unlock the chests

You also shouldn't miss the treasure chests. They contain a lot of gold coins. The amount of gold coins in the treasure chest is equal to the amount of gold that you earn after killing the opponent. You can use your sword to unlock them. You can use the left mouse to move. If you want to attack, you can stop and hold the left mouse button.