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Gulper io


Explore a special snake world

Gulper io takes you to a very fun world where you can see many different snakes. They're your enemies. You need to kill them before they attack you.

You can see the geometry world in Geometry Dash Subzero and now I will introduce you to a new world. In this world, you will turn into a little snake. You must be more powerful to survive in this dangerous world. Your safe is the most important key to success in this game. You must move cleverly to attack and defend at once.

Survive in Gulper io

This is a multiplayer game and the other gamers will control the other snakes. In the beginning, all of them are little snakes like you. All of the gamers want to be the king of this world. Therefore, the battles can't be avoided. Now, I'll guide you on how to be the biggest snake here.

Collect as much energy as possible

You can see each snake contains many energy balls in their body. These energy balls will increase the snake's size. Actually, the energy balls are around you. You can see many lightning balls on the platform. You just need to move the snake's head close to them to absorb them. The more energy balls you get, the more powerful your snake will be.

Attack the opponents

Besides collecting the energy on the platform, you can get huge energy resources from the other snakes. If one big snake is killed, it will release much more energy than it collected before. To beat a snake, you must use your body to cover the opponent's head. Until its head hits your snake's body, you will get the victory. Hope you can get many points and become the final survivor in Gulper io!