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Geometry Dash World Toxic Factory


About Geometry Dash World Toxic Factory

The mechanics of the game

Geometry Dash World Toxic Factory allows you to control a spaceship containing a square. Show your talent to conquer challenging and hazardous adventures.

The game and Geometry Dash Super Cycles are in the same game series. So the characters will have similarities. Besides, your square will own a spaceship. It needs your help to complete the mission. Exciting missions are waiting for you.

You will enter the game and control the spaceship containing the square. You need to steer it skillfully so as not to collide with any obstacles. Since you control the spaceship, you are not allowed to land. If your spaceship lands, you lose instantly. Always maintain the spaceship in flight mode to complete its mission. You will get a high score if you can fly far. Good luck. Any strategy is appreciated. You can apply your experience and lessons by playing other games in this series.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to fly. You need to adjust the force and pressing time to adjust the height of the spaceship. You need to be alert to obstacles. You can release the left mouse button to fly down. The way to control the character is quite easy. You can master them after playing the game.

Some obstacles in Geometry Dash World Toxic Factory

The spikes

The first obstacle you encounter in this expedition is the spikes. Because this is a toxic plant, everything in the factory is very dangerous. Your character has been protected by a spaceship. However, if you do not control it, the square can explode at any time if they collide with sharp spikes. Remember that the spikes are arranged both above and below the ground, which means you can only hover in the air.

The pillars

There are many pillars in this game. They have different heights. They appear to make your space feel narrower. You need ingenuity to overcome them. They can also take your life if you're not paying attention. Have you mastered this game yet?