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Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex


Some hazardous obstacles in Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex offers other traps which can take your character's life. Use your skills to overcome these challenges and obtain scores.

It is considered the most difficult game in the series because of the number of types of obstacles in the game. They can overwhelm you.

The spikes

Spikes appear in most games of the series, including Geometry Dash Flappy UFO. With a large number of spikes, you need to be careful to save your character's life. The spikes are placed adjacent, and then they create deadly paths. You must jump further to overcome it. You will be forced to replay the game if you fail. It is your first challenge.

The blocks

Blocks of different sizes block your way. They are as dangerous as the thorns. If there are spikes above the blocks, this challenge becomes even more intense. You will face a dangerous wall created by blocks and spikes. Take caution to pass over them.

The cogs

In this game, the cogs are novel obstacles. This is the first game with the appearance of cogs. They move and can crush your character. Take control of your square well to jump and continue conquering your track. You will encounter many cogs on the road ahead. It is best if you can come up with a wise way to complete it.

How to overcome the challenges in Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

Jump over them

Jumping over them is the first thing you can do. You need to press the left mouse button to control the character. You cannot directly control the speed of the character. Therefore, you need to master other operations to ensure your character's safety. When jumping, you also need to align the force and the right moment unless you will crash into many obstacles.

Take advantage of the bouncing platforms

You will see yellow platforms on the track. If you go through them, your character can jump higher and farther. This will help you overcome the wall of death created by blocks and spikes. You may miss them if you feel they are not necessary.