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Dune Surfer


Experience the thrilling speed

Dune Surfer is challenging any player with its speed. You need to control a white ball on the special terrain. Let's move as far as possible you can.

You must be familiar with the game Geometry Dash Offline where you will navigate a geometry. If you find that game too difficult to conquer, you should improve your skills through this game first. You will experience the dizzying speed of a ball. Your control skills and reflexes will be greatly improved in this game.

Go as far as possible in Dune Surfer

There will be no specific destination in this Dune Surfer game. So move a great distance at all costs. The further you move, the higher the score you get. This game requires your clever and control skills. You must combine the speeding, flying and diving at once to rule this hard game. Let's see if you can create a new era for this game

Keep moving forward

Not only trying to move far, you also need to boost the speed of the ball. The ball must always move forward. If the ball is hit on the ramps and is pushed back, the game is over immediately. Therefore, you need to make sure to go up and down regularly so that the ball does not bump down the road.

Collect the coins

On the way, many gold coins are scattered on the way. Now, going through these coins to collect them. Then, you can use these coins to buy many new balls in the shop. The more expensive the balls are, the more unique they are. Can you unlock all of the balls here? You can challenge your friends to play this game. Have fun!

How to control the ball

  • Hold the left mouse button to speed
  • Release the mouse to fly
  • Hold the left mouse button again to dive.