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Down The Mountain


About Down The Mountain

Down The Mountain will take you on an exciting journey, where you'll descend from the world's tallest peak, facing unexpected challenges on your way down. While ascending was a feat, descending proves to be an even greater trial, teeming with perilous obstacles that demand your utmost attention.

Amidst the lofty heights, you'll encounter the serenity of towering trees, the grace of soaring birds, and the allure of rare and exquisite flowers. Yet, the mountain's mysteries extend beyond the natural world, for you've even glimpsed cars and lions in this peculiar landscape. Your mission is clear: navigate the descent without succumbing to the dangers that lurk at every turn.

You won't need cumbersome climbing gear for this adventure! Take your first step downwards using the trusty left and right arrow keys. As you journey to the base, anticipate an array of diverse challenges and obstacles that will test your reflexes and strategy. Beware of the lethal lava blocks, treacherous spikes, and menacing cars and lions, all of which spell instant doom if you falter. The sandy terrain poses its own threat, as the ground crumbles beneath your feet within seconds. Stay vigilant around TNT blocks, poised to detonate upon your landing, and swiftly secure an antidote vial within a mere 5 seconds to evade the grasp of poison.

Amidst these trials, seize the opportunity to gather glistening stars, boosting your score. Seek out keys to unlock mysterious chests and embark on missions that will unveil a captivating array of characters, enhancing the excitement of your descent.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure filled with excitement, danger, and the thrill of discovery. Can you conquer the treacherous slopes and reach new depths in "Down the Mountain"?

Feature of game

  • Colorful and 3D graphics
  • 100 different characters that you can unlock
  • Intuitive controls
  • Addictive and entertaining gameplay
  • 2 different world themes to pick

Control game

You can use arrow keys to control character and play this game