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Penalty Shooters 3


Penalty Shoots 3 is an attractive penalty shootout game. Coming here, you will be immersed in the cheers of the bustling crowd. Show off your skills and lead your team to victory in two exciting game modes: Ranked and World Cup.

Introduction to Penalty Shooting 3

Two modes to conquer

In Level Challenge, you will face tough opponents. Although you have to bet to be able to play, if you win, the amount you receive will double. Each Level Challenge consists of two parts: kicking the ball and catching the ball.

  • Kick the ball accurately: As the kicker, click and hold the mouse to start positioning the ball. Release the mouse when the target is in the desired position and your character will deliver a powerful kick. If correct, your goal will give the team a point.
  • Catch the ball accurately: During the ball catching phase, you will play the role of a goalkeeper. When your opponent launches a kick, quickly click on it to block the ball and their path.

Once you've mastered the Level Challenge, switch to World Cup mode and experience the thrill of international competition. Lead your team through intense matches against teams from around the world towards the ultimate glory of lifting the World Cup trophy.

Achievements and rewards

Earn achievements as you progress, unlocking valuable gems that can be used to purchase boosters and enhance your gameplay. Plus, customize your jersey and team name to reflect your unique style.


  • Immerse yourself in vivid 3D graphics
  • Participate in two exciting game modes: Ranked Challenge and World Cup
  • Solve multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Strive for achievements to earn valuable gems
  • Enjoy intuitive controls and engaging gameplay


Use the mouse to precisely control the character's actions, aim and block attacks.